Friday, 2 November 2012


Men at top are so obsessed with their own theories and ideas that they often to authenticate their words quote unverified authorities. They will tell everybody how well read and knowledgeable they are. They will assert how  competitive their life was and how they by the dint of their hard work and dedication they rose to the top.Their ambition is to remain at the top by hook or crook and enjoy the comforts and privileges (legally or illegal) of being at top.Their life ,therefore is extremely image-oriented.They insist about being ultra-innovative and superior to everybody around them. After listening to them for hours, you keep wondering why their speech lacked substance and why they avoided the real issues.....

My new role..

This is a photograph taken inside BIET, Sikar near the main entrance on 16-10-2012 with the Principal Dr Das, the Director Sri Mishra and other faculty members. 

Sikar is a district in Rajasthan. And I went there because my friend Dr Das requested me to visit him. During my first visit in August, I fell in love with the entire setup including the students coming predominantly from rural background. 

I accepted their request to be a visiting teacher and to share my life's experiences with them. I must admit that this has been a turning point in my life. I am now anxiously looking forward to that week I spend in BIET every month with the students with whom my interaction is there both in the class room and in field in the Aravalli mountains. 

Incidentally, this is the first time that I am doing field work in the Aravallis.